Patient and Family Advisory Council

The council is made up of former patients and family members of patients who have received care at North York General Hospital (NYGH). Members of the council have had experiences in our medicine, emergency, surgery, oncology, mental health and paediatric programs. The council also includes a Vice President,  Chief Human Resources Officer, the Director of Patient Experience and Quality, and the Patient- and Family-Centred Care Coordinator.

Patient/Family Council Terms of Reference


The Patient/ Family Advisory Council (PFAC) works in partnership with North York General Hospital (NYGH) to ensure that the needs and priorities for patien- and family-centred care are considered and incorporated into matters that impact patients and their families.


  1. Serve as a partnership resource to management and staff at NYGH in the facilitation of positive change for patient- and family-centred care. 
  2. Promote communication and collaboration with NYGH staff, physicians and volunteers. 
  3. Advise and share information on patient- and family-centred care practices as they relate to NYGH programs and services. 
  4.  Provide input and feedback into education, policy and program development at the corporate, program/department or unit level.
  5. Review and provide feedback on items referred to the council. This may include policies, procedures, communication strategies.
  6. Participate as partners in the planning and operation of specific programs.
  7. Respond to requests for Patient/Family Advisors (PFA) to partner on committees, task forces, working groups as requested 
  8. Celebrate and share successes and milestones 
  9. Provide a yearly PFA report which will include the evaluation of Patient/Family Advisors at NYGH (June of each year) 
  10.  In partnership with NYGH assist with the evaluation of PFCC including the PFAC

Patient and Family Advisory Council meetings are open for any PFA to attend as a non-voting member. Attendance is in an observation capacity unless input and feedback is requested from a Co-Chair of the Advisory Council.

Membership: members will be chosen by the Patient and Family Advisory Council. A maximum of 12 Patient/Family Advisors will be council members.

Term of Office: two years with the option for a two-year renewal. Terms will be intermittent to ensure consistency of membership.

NYGH staff membership:

  • Vice President

  • Director of Patient Experience & Quality

  • Patient- and Family-Centred Care Coordinator

  • Physician

No more than four NYGH staff will be a permanent member of the council. Other NYGH staff maybe invited to attend on a rotating basis and depending upon the topics for discussion.

Co-chair: The Patient and Family Advisory Council will elect one (1) co-chair for a two-year term every year for a maximum of two (2) terms.

The Patient and Family Advisory Council will elect one (1) co-chair for a two-year term every year for a maximum of two (2) terms. 

Qualifications for Co-chairs:

  • Must have been a member of the PFAC for a minimum of one year
  • Actively involved and participating in subcommittees

  • Demonstrates an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the PFAC

  • Ability to work constructively with senior management, management and staff members of the PFAC

The Co-chairs shall:

  • Call and chair meetings

  • Develop the agenda with the PFA coordinator

  • Review and revise meeting minutes

  • Communicate with PFAC members

  • Confer with senior management and directors on matters related to PFAC matters

  • Represent and speak on behalf of the PFAC at special events and functions related to PFAC and PFCC

Quorum: to be 50% of the Council members plus one (1) 

Patient and Family Advisors, spring 2013

Decision Making: consensus will be the preferred method. When necessary a simple majority of 50% +1 will be used.

Minutes: will be kept and distributed to all PFA and posted on the NYGH intranet PFA webpage

Frequency of Meetings: The Patient and Family Advisory Council will meet a minimum of 10 times per year and at the call of the chair. Meetings will be 2 hours in length.

Reporting Relationship: reports to the Director of Patient Experience & Quality and Building on a Culture of Quality, Safety and Patient- and Family-Centred Care Steering Committee

Approval: Patient/Family Advisory Council January 8, 2013