There are currently nine PhD level psychologists at North York General Hospital providing assessment, intervention and consultation to a broad range of mental health services. These services include inpatients, partial hospitalization, outpatients, addiction, and eating disorders for both adolescents and adults. Psychologists at NYGH have been providing clinical training opportunities for more than 30 years.

Primary models of care:

  • Cognitive behavioural
  • Interpersonal psychotherapy
  • Psychodynamic
  • Psychoeducational

The benefits of training at NYGH:

  • Experienced and committed psychology staff members who are readily available for supervision and consultation
  • Opportunity for exposure to a broad range of patient populations
  • Educational opportunities such as Mental Health Grand Rounds

Education program

The following placements are offered:

  • Academic year practicums for PhD level Psychology students enrolled at York University, Ryerson University, University of Toronto, and University of Toronto OISE.

The number of practicum placements offered may vary year to year depending on the availability and interest of the staff. Usually four students are accepted in a given year. A typical practicum is 20 hours per week. Students usually work under the supervision of one psychologist, though there is flexibility with this arrangement as we have had students in the past split their time between two supervisors. The mix of assessment, intervention and consultation will vary depending on the particular supervising psychologist.

Please send your application to the person you wish to work with.

Adult Mental Health Services

Branson Ambulatory Care Centre applications for the academic year or summer practicum placements should be sent to:

Dr. Paul Szabo
1 South Room 123, Adult Mental Health Program
Branson Ambulatory Care Centre
555 Finch Avenue West
Toronto Ontario M2R 1N5

Tel: 416-635-2572

Dr. Szabo usually takes one student.

Additional information:

Psychiatric Day Hospital and Day Treatment Program

  • The practicum is offered for two and a half days for four months This would involve attending groups and doing individual work on Wednesdays.
  • Orientation is psychodynamic and mentalization as it relates to early attachment patterns and manifested in current interpersonal difficulties.
  • It is primarily a group focused practicum.

Adult Eating Disorder Program

General site applications for the academic year or summer practicum placements should be sent to:

Dr. Gillian Kirsh, C.Psych
8th floor, Adult Eating Disorder Program
North York General Hospital
4001 Leslie Street
Toronto Ontario M2K 1E1

Tel: 416-756-6000 x3168

Additional information:

  • The program is a partial day hospital program. It runs Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3:30–8 p.m.
  • Assessment: Clinical interviews (Eating Disorders Examination — interview), supplementary SCID-based modules; administer, score and interpret psychological tests, write assessment reports and provide feedback to patients and the multidisciplinary health care team.
  • Instruments: PAI, BDI, Eating Disorder Examination — Questionnaire, Eating Disorder Inventory
  • Psychotherapy: Group (and opportunity for individual, if desired). Techniques include: CBT, Dialectic Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Expressive Arts, Psychoeducational
  • Opportunity to participate in Mental Health Grand Rounds. Broad range of patient populations.

Dr. Kirsh will take one to two students. It is possible to combine a practicum with Drs. Szabo and Kirsh (spend four months in each program).

Pre-doctoral Internship

NYGH participates in the Toronto Area Internship Consortium in Clinical, School and Counselling Psychology. This is a full year pre-doctoral internship in which the student will split their time between the Toronto District School Board and NYGH Child and Adolescent Mental Health services. Get more information about this internship opportunity.