Past Exploration Fund Recipients

Spring 2019 competition:

Exploring the benefits of Cognitive Stimulation Therapy as a tool for chronic disease self-management for persons with dementia
Ms. Kristin Collins
Award: $7,500

Making connections: Developing an appreciation of indigenous health issues for family medicine residents using a virtual world café
Dr. Risa Bordman
Award: $7,200

The development of an NYGH database to predict the success of flow cytometry in the evaluation of lymph node and tissue specimens
Dr. Raheem Peerani
Award: $7,406   

Adequacy of antidepressant treatment for a new episode of depression among primary care patients with and without chronic medical conditions: a retrospective cohort study
Dr. Braden O’Neill
Award: $7,500   

2018 fall competition:

Decreasing caesarean sections by supporting Trial of Labour After Caesarean section (TOLAC). A QI project at Mount Sinai, St. Michael's and North York General Hospital
Dr. Modupe Tunde-Byass
Award: $7,500

Enhancing Patient Care and Delivery through Research on the “Front-lines”: Assessing needs to build research capacity among healthcare professionals at North York General Hospital
Julie Makarski
Award: $3,786.35

2018 spring competition:

Improved pregnancy outcomes with Shirodkar cervical cerclage compared with McDonald cerclage
Dr. David Rosenthal
Award: $7,500

Young women with breast cancer— meeting unmet needs through the nurse navigator model care
Katelyn Chown, Dr. Fahima Osman
Award: $6,338

2017 fall competition: 

Motivation versus psychoeducation-infused day hospital treatment for eating disorders 
Dr. Jennifer Mills
Award: $7,500 

Use of the Canadian Health Care Evaluation Project (CANHELP) tool to measure the impact on patients and families of delivering palliative care through an innovative model of care at North York General Hospital
Dr. Nina Horvath
Award: $5,000

2017 spring competition: 

Small Grant Category: 
Dr. Michelle Greiver, Nork York Family Health Team, Physician Scientist 
Award: $6,500

Dr. Valerie B. Caraiscos, Research Lead – Freeman Centre for the Advancement of Palliative Care
Award: $7,500 

The Sellors Family Research Grant:
Dr. Sanjho Srikandarajah, Department of Anesthesia 
Award: $7,000 

2016 fall competition

Large grant category:
Dr. Lloyd Smith, Chief, Surgery
Development of strategies to identify, analyze and prevent errors in the operating room

Small grant category:
Susan Woollard, Director, Medicine
Adjunct strategies impact on the self-management skills and health care outcomes for persons living with mid to late stage heart failure

Dr. Nicole Golda, Surgery
Implementing and evaluating the efficacy of an Acute Care Urology model of care in a large Canadian community hospital

2016 spring competition

Small grant category:
Dr. Frank Sullivan, Gordon F. Cheesbrough Research Chair in Family & Community Medicine, was awarded a grant to study the most important and feasible research questions in primary care in low, middle, and high-income countries. Despite the importance of primary care to health systems around the world, there has never before been a comprehensive, patient-centred study of worldwide primary care research priorities. 

Dr. Tianhua Huang, Department of Genetics, for enhanced first trimester prenatal screening for Trisomy 18 and Trisomy 13, two chromosomal disorders.

The Sellors Family Research Grant:
Dr. Patricia Trbovich, Badeau Family Research Chair in Patient Safety and Quality Improvement, Research and Innovation, for identifying and studying human factors that play a role in safety-related intravenous infusion devices.

Large grant category: 
Dr. Risa Bordman, Department of Family & Community Medicine, was awarded a grant to study the effects of the practice of hot yoga on kidney function 

Small grant category:
Sonja Rebryna, Maternal Newborn Program, was awarded a grant to study the potential risks associated with administering of sucrose, compared to expressed breast milk, to newborn children. This award is made possible through The Savlov Family Paediatric Endowment Fund.

Samantha Moe “The SMarTAbx Study: using a Social Marketing Framework to Optimize Antibiotic Utilization in Primary Care” which focuses on a web-based interventional modeling tool to be used to design a behaviour intervention to improve physician adherence to current antibiotic prescribing guidelines in primary care.

2015 spring competition

Sumon Acharjee
North York General Mobile Application Platform

Dr. Pavani Das
Beta-Lactam Allergy Skin Testing (BLAST) and its Usage Optimization Among Hospitalized Patients with Self-Reported Allergy: A Multicentre Stepped-Wedge Evaluation

Dr. Kevin Katz and team
Canine Scent Detection as a Diagnostic Tool to Identify MRSA Colonization

Mona Sawhney and team Award from The Sellors Family Research Grant 
Assessment of Patients Receiving Complex Pain Management Interventions: An Educational Module of Epidural Analgesia using Standardized Patients for Registered Nurses

2014 fall competition

Dr. Fahima Osman
Oncoplastic Breast Surgery in Ontario

Dr. Christine Till
Computerized working memory training in individuals with Huntington's disease

2014 spring competition

Dr. Christo El Morr
Analyzing Readmission Patterns: Assessment of the LACE Tool Impact

Dr. Frank Sullivan
What are the barriers and facilitators involved in using an Interactive Client Assessment Survey (iCAS) in Family Practice?

Dr. Warren Lewin
Early Palliative Care for Patients with Advanced Heart Failure at North York General Hospital: Improving Quality and Collaboration

2013 fall competition

Dr. Farah Ahmad and Dr. Alan Fung
Exploring wait-room interactive technology for mental health with Chinese Canadians

Dr. Hannah Wong and Mark Fam
Variation in Imaging Use in the Emergency Department: 
Systemic Predictors and Implications on Quality and Value

2013 spring competition

Dr. Sharifa Himidan
The Effect of Music Exposure on Psychological and Physiological Functioning in Children Undergoing Elective Surgery: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Dr. Wendy Meschino
Determining eligibility for referral to Genetics for genetic assessment and testing for breast and ovarian cancer: an electronic solution

Dr. Joyce Lee
Telephone Interventions provided by Geriatric Clinic for Parkinson's to Improve Patient Care and Prevent ER Visits

2012 fall competition

Dr. Michelle Greiver
Building a health data warehouse to monitor outcomes for Health Links in North York: a feasibility project

Sumit Raybardhan
Self-stool banking as C. Difficile infection treatment and containment strategy: a pilot project

Monakshi Sawhney
Pain following unilateral total knee arthroplasty: A prospective randomized controlled trial examining the analgesic effectiveness of a combined abductor-canal peripheral nerve block with periarticular infiltration vs. adductor-canal nerve block alone vs. periarticular infiltration alone.

Diana Adams
Montessori methods for dementia care in the Emergency Department

Dr. Phillip Shin
Implementing and evaluating the efficacy of a general internal medicine model of care in a large Canadian
community teaching hospital

Dr. Lea Velsher
Exploring Resources and Potential Partnerships for Transitioning Young Adults with Intellectual Project: Disability from Paediatric to Adult Care