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North York General Hospital is a multi-site community teaching hospital in Toronto that includes our General site, Branson Ambulatory Care Centre, Seniors' Health Centre and the Reactivation Care Centre, which is a Central LHIN Hospitals Collaborative.

General site
Branson Ambulatory Care Centre
Seniors' Health Centre
Phillips House
Reactivation Centre
Wellness and Assessment Centre

General site

4001 Leslie Street (Leslie & Sheppard) Toronto ON  M2K 1E1 
Tel: 416-756-6000

North York General Hospital, General Site

Our largest facility, the General site, offers a full range of services to patients of all ages, from the most fragile infants to the elderly. All inpatient acute care services are located at the General site. Our 24-hour full service Charlotte & Lewis Steinberg Emergency, is one of Canada's busiest emergency departments. 

Key programs and departments at the General site:

  • Cancer Care: The  program is one of the largest in the Greater Toronto Area and provides treatment for many types of cancers, including breast, colon, prostate, gynecological and urinary. NOTE: The Gale & Graham Wright Prostate Centre is located at the Branson Ambulatory Care Centre. Learn more about our Cancer Care Program

  • Medical Imaging: The hospital offers a wide variety of medical imaging and cardio-respiratory services at its General and Branson sites. Learn more about North York General's Medical Imaging services.

  • Emergency Care: The Charlotte & Lewis Steinberg Emergency at the General site is a full service emergency — one of the busiest in Canada. Learn more about North York General's Emergency. 

  • Genetics: The Genetics Program is one of Ontario's largest, full service regional genetics centres. It offers assessment diagnosis and counselling for patients as well as laboratory testing. Services are offered for: prenatal, general clinical genetics, cancer genetics and Huntington Disease. Learn more about our Genetics Program at North York General.

  • Family and Community Medicine: North York General has one of the largest complements of family physicians in a Canadian hospital, with196 active physicians in 2017–2018. They provide care from their private practices in north central Toronto and southern York Region. Learn more about our Family & Community Medicine Program.

  • Laboratory Medicine: The department analyzes approximately 2 million tests annually at its full service laboratory at the General site. It serves patients from all clinics within the hospital. Learn more about our Laboratory Department.

  • Maternal, Newborn and Paediatric Care: The Maternal, Newborn and Paediatric Care Program at our General site provides: 1) care throughout a woman's pregnancy from prenatal screening through labour and birth, to the postpartum experience, and, 2) a wide range of medical and mental health services for newborns to 18 years. The hospital's obstetrical centre is one of the largest single site centres in Ontario. Learn more about our Maternal, Newborn and Paediatric Program.

  • Medicine and Elder Care: The Medicine and Elder Care Program covers a wide range of services with a special focus on the care of the elderly. Inpatient units provide care in:  • Neurology and stroke  • Cardiology  • General internal medicine  • Respiratory and gastrointestinal  • Progressive care for transition to an alternate level of care facility — see the Reactivation Care Centre  • Critical care  • Acute care of the elderly. Learn more about our Medicine and Elder Care Program.

  • Mental Health: Our wide range of mental health services serve all ages. Services at the General site include: inpatient care — adult, geriatric, child and adolescent; Partial Hospitalization Program; outpatient services; Geriatric Psychiatry Program; child and adolescent mental health — inpatient and day hospital; Women's Clinic; and consultation liaison service to our medical/surgical/oncology/paediatric programs. Mental health services are also offered at the Branson Ambulatory Care Centre. Learn more about our Mental Health services. 

  • Pharmacy Services: The department meets the medication needs of patients admitted to the hospital and also operates an outpatient pharmacy (drug store) at the General site. Patient medication assessments and education sessions are also offered. Learn more about our outpatient pharmacy.

  • Surgery: Services include: cancer surgery, orthopaedic, paediatric, cataract, glaucoma and ocular oncology surgery, as well as expertise in otolaryngology, head and neck (ear, nose and throat), urology, plastic surgery, oral, maxillofacial, general, vascular and thoracic surgery. The Total Joint Assessment Centre is located at the General site. Learn more about our Surgery Program.

  • Other servicesFreeman Centre for the Advancement of Palliative Care
    The North York General Assessment and Wellness Centre provides expert third party assessments in all medical and surgical specialties. Comprehensive physiotherapy care is located nearby.

Branson Ambulatory Care Centre 

555 Finch Avenue West (Finch and Bathurst) Toronto ON M2R 1N5
Tel: 416-633-9420

Branson Ambulatory Care Centre, North York General Hospital

 Learn about changes at Branson.

Key clinical services available at the Branson location:

Seniors' Health Centre 

2 Buchan Court (Leslie and Sheppard) Toronto ON M2J 5A3
Long-term care home: Tel: 416-756-0066
Outpatient Geriatric Services: Tel: 416-756-6050

Seniors' Health Centre, North York General Hospital

The Seniors' Health Centre includes a 192-bed long-term care home  and specialized geriatric services. The primary focus of the Specialized Geriatric Services is to help seniors living in our community to maintain their sense of dignity and independence through improved health and quality of life.

On-site specialized geriatric services include medicine clinics, geriatric psychiatry clinics and outreach, day hospital, POWER and Building the Bridge to Better Bones programs for osteoporosis. The Memory Clinic, Living Well with Parkinson's Program and Chronic Disease Self-Management Program. 

Phillips House

10 Buchan Court Toronto ON M2J 5A3
Tel: 416-756-6933 

The Phillips House currently houses Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Adolescent Eating Disorders Outpatient Services.

Reactivation Care Centre

2111 Finch Avenue West Toronto ON  M3N 1N1
North York General Hospital’s unit is located on 6 West. 
Tel: 416-747-3090 

The Reactivation Care Centre is an innovative approach designed to help patients who no longer need acute care services, but often find themselves waiting for an alternate care facility, such as convalescent and long-term care. Learn more about the Reactivation Care Centre.


Outpatient Physiotherapy Services

255 Consumers Road, Suite 220 Toronto ON M2J 1R3 
Tel: 416-756-6976

The Outpatient Physiotherapy Services of the North York General Assessment and Wellness Centre — moved to the Consumers Road location on June 11, 2018. Learn more about this move and view a map. Please note that all other services of the North York General Assessment and Wellness Centre remain at the General site, 4001 Leslie Street.